The Protection Book simplified my planning process.  It made it easy to get a fast plan in place.
Dennis R - Las Vegas, NV

Creating a living trust for my family and a will has always been on my mind to do, but until now, I haven’t put it all down on paper or sat down with anyone to fill out my living trust and will.  I’ve known that I’ve needed to do it and that it is a priority for me and my family to get a trust ready.  I also spent some time reading and on the phone with support to understand how to get all the end-of-life benefits while my wife and I are alive. Thanks for explaining how to make a plan to protect and provide for my family.
Jonathan F - Carlsbad, CA

The Protection Book has given me the know how I needed to get started right away to plan ahead for my family and guard our future – assets and all – in trust.  .
Michael L - San Clemente, CA

Doing a Private Asset Protection Trust instead of a typical LLC or corporation gave me the flexibility I was looking for and saved money in state fees for annual renewal of registering my LLC.
Mark M - Mesa, AZ

I was worried about a pending lawsuit.  The Private Asset Trust was the solution.
Eric B - Tampa, FL

I called the phone number on the bottom of the pages in this book to ask a question.  They answered all of my questions, even though I wasn’t a client yet. And it was after normal business hours, but I got through just fine!
Tamera W - Albany, NY

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