What is a Trust?
  • Trusts are separate legal entities, like corporations.
  • Trusts hold assets for you or for the benefit of others.
  • Assets inside a trust are managed by a trustee who has legal responsibility for managing and overseeing trust proceeds in accordance with your wishes. The trust stipulates how your assets should be managed, and how, when and to whom your assets will be distributed.
  • Many people think only the wealthy can benefit from trusts. But this is simply not true. Trusts are highly flexible and can provide for an almost unlimited combination of needs, circumstances and objectives.
  • Because they can be designed to satisfy such specific needs and circumstances, trusts can address the concerns and objectives of most people.
What can a Trust do?
  • Ensure the orderly and private transfer of your property
  • Secure the cost of providing for an elderly relative, parent or disabled child
  • Help finance a loved one’s education
  • Create a portable and highly flexible pension plan
  • Eliminate Probate
  • Protect assets from a creditor’s claims
  • Provide a structured way to administer your personal and financial affairs should you become incapacitated
  • Make a tax-advantaged charitable gift
  • Manage assets for the benefit of your heirs and other beneficiaries
  • Provide for the continuation of alimony or child support payments
  • Save a business from an untimely liquidation or disadvantageous sale
  • Avoid unnecessary capital gains taxes
  • Manage your estate tax exposure
How can a Trust help a Business Owner
  • Unlike wills, trusts can hide assets and their disposition from public scrutiny armed with information from a probate proceeding. For example, a competitor might be able to force the sale of the decedent’s business at a below-market price.
What goes into a Trust?
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Real estate
  • Mutual funds
  • Variable annuities
  • Capital management accounts
  • Life Insurance
  • Art
  • Collectibles
  • Personal possessions; and more

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