Private Asset Protection Chart

The Private Asset Protection Chart depicts how vulnerable people can be without a Private Asset Trust. There is no substitute for a Private Asset Protection Trust that can help you protect your assets. Asset Protection ensures that your real property, life insurance policy and other estate inventory are protected against taxation. This will also ensure that your will is carried out in accordance to your wishes. A Private Asset Protection Trust is the best choice when you have a sizable estate to protect, and becomes even more important if you have minor children named as beneficiaries.

A Private Asset Trust uses it’s own name and identity. It is legally a separate entity, as if it is a brother or sister. You may have a Separate credit report, separate assets, and separate liabilities. If you do not co-sign or combine it with others, or an individual; it remains separate.

Below is a typical unprotected person with assets interconnected in their owners name. All assets are vulnerable from one life event. 

Combined Assets allows a single problem like a lawsuit or tax lien to automatically affect the individual person and ALL assets!

The Below Assets are now structured in Individual Private Protected Trusts that are NOT connected to each other.

Asset Protection Chart

Planning keeps all Assets totally unconnected. This means that a lawsuit may only affect a single Asset and the other Assets could remain private and unaffected.


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