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We are a team of Professional Trust Advisors, Real Estate Experts, and Financial Organization Specialists who are outwardly focused and who are driven to help you succeed and protect your legacy. We understand that everyone’s life and situation are different, and we will help guide you in creating a plan that will benefit both you and your family now, and well after your transition.
We never recommend a strategy that we do not use ourselves. True Trust has published 5 books and have held seminars to educate people about how to protect & privatize their lives against loss from divorce, lawsuits, business, bankruptcy, creditors, and excess taxes, with customer support every day of the year.

What We Do

We build certainty in an uncertain world. True Trust is committed to helping as many people and organizations to own nothing and control everything by empowering Trustees to take authority in their family, financial security, and legacies.

True Trust Services has provided Private Asset Protection for over 40 years, successfully been to the Supreme Court in two countries, and procured over 48,000 Trusts for individuals, and their families, as well as companies and non-profit organizations. We have never had a trust fail in court, and NEVER LOST AN ASSET!


What to Expect

You can expect REAL service as we are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work with you every step of the way in creating Trusts through which you have flexibility to fulfill your goals and address major needs in all aspects of your life. Each and every Trust is unique as every person and situation in life is unique.

As a trust client you will be guided toward implementing the best strategies for your situation to avoid probate for your loved ones, while introducing Private Asset Protection Trusts to benefit you while you are still on God’s green Earth. Privacy, as well as the planning and protection of your Assets and Legacy is what we specialize in through a private Asset Protection Trust. Many of our Clients and Staff have been with us more than 30 years! We care about their legacies and safeguarding their families and loved ones for generations to come.

Residential Trusts Created

Commercial / Raw Land Trusts

Families Helped

EJ Lashlee

EJ Lashlee

Senior Trust Advisor

E. J. Lashlee is a professional Trustee serving clients since 1973. He has owned and managed many businesses over the years and invested primarily in real estate. He became a licensed Real Estate Broker in 1970, managed Jack Matthews & Company, which evolved into Prudential Americana Realty.
Dr. Stephen Kalaluhi

Dr. Stephen Kalaluhi

Leadership and Development

Stephen is an organizational transformation coach and leadership expert who earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University, an adjunct professor in Ashford University’s Forbes School of Business, a certified John Maxwell Team leadership speaker, trainer, and coach, and an executive business coach with a proven track record of increasing profits while reducing overall frustration.
Ryan Lashlee

Ryan Lashlee

Chief Financial Officer

Ryan Lashlee is a loving Husband, a Christ-follower, and a career Entrepreneur who enjoys spending most his time pursuing great adventures with good friends. Ryan is the Co-Founder of KILVER with his father E.J. Lashlee, and the Chief Financial Officer of True Trust, a U.S. & International Trust company.
Eric Campbell

Eric Campbell

Trust Officer

Eric V. Campbell has been a Trust Officer with True Trust in San Diego, California since March of 2011. Trusts are designed for a variety of purposes. Mr. Campbell specializes in Estate Planning, Bankruptcy Protection, and Business Protection for Corporations, Tax and Real Estate Trust Strategies.

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